Five Things You Did Not Know About : Sumayya Lee

It is a few weeks to the #Writivism2016 festival. Ahead of the seven-day set of events, we would like to introduce our team to you, from the past and the present. This week we feature Sumayya Lee, novelist, mentor, judge, editor and most recently editorial and programmes liaison for the Writivism project. Sumayya is one of the most central staff members at Writivism at the moment, coordinating various aspects of the programme, including the festival.

In this interview, titled ‘While scrubbing the floor one day, Sumayya got inspired to write‘, published at  The Sparkle Writer’s Hub, we learn a few things about her.

  1. Sumayya is a mother and teacher, besides being a writer.
  2. She started writing when she was a teenager.
  3. She so far has two books, The Story of Maha and Maha, Ever After.
  4. She prefers to not focus on the business side of things, to concentrate on the writing.
  5.  She hopes to never retire from writing.


Join us on Monday August 22 to Sunday August 28, 2016 for the fourth Writivism Festival holding at the Uganda Museum, on Kira Road. Events on Monday to Thursday start at 6pm and on Friday to Sunday start at midday till 10pm.  Sumayya’s books will be on sale. She will interact with high school students during the Afrikult workshops, will go on a school visit, will autograph books, among other engagements.