OPEN Call: Do you blog about African Books?

We are looking for you.

This is true. If you have a blog, are an ardent reader of African books (let us not have the debate about what an African book is, or is not, please – not today), and have been sharing your reviews of the books you read, we want to have a relationship with you.

Are you wondering, what type of relationship this will be? Do not worry. Let us first confess. We have been surreptitiously contacting some bloggers who write about books already, and we are already partners with them, as we speak.

We believe that book relationships can’t be monogamous, and so we would like to open up to you, too. Join us. Okay. What does this relationship entail? Before you join. We want you to read and review books on our festival featured books list.

You have heard about the forthcoming Writivism Festival, haven’t you? Okay, if you have not, we are organising the fourth annual literary festival that is the undisputed Queen and King of our literary calendar.  The fun will be in Kampala, from August 22 to 28, 2016.

save the date- August 22 - 28, 2016

The focus will be on African BOOKS! 12 new titles will be launched, and over 25 titles will be in focus, with their authors featuring as festival speakers. There will be readings, organised in collaboration with publishers such as The Mantle, Cassava Republic Press, Bahati Books, Sooo Many Stories, Blackbird Books, Jacana and more.

What are we saying? It is going to be a books-thing, y’know? But also, it will be other literary and cultural things, like drama, film, workshops, photography, cartooning, and more. Before you ask how you come in, I will oblige. We are so eager to share the books that will be featured, with the world. We want you to be the world’s prior pair of eyes, the ones who taste ka little the food that is being served and tells everyone about the forthcoming meal.

In other words, we want to share your insights after reading these books with the world. We shall avail advance review copies of the books, in collaboration with the publishers, so that you read and write your review. When done writing it, you post it on your blog (you know how to, of course) with the following badge.

Book Blog badge


The badge is important to show the world that we are in a relationship with you. To show off, in a way. The authors of the books that will be reviewed will speak at the festival and will be available to sign copies. We are not only bringing the books to Kampala, but also their authors so people can carry home autographed collectible copies. Doesn’t this sound cool, already? Us, we are excited!

In case you are wondering if it works, let us mention that we are already in a relationship with Joel Ntwatwa, the man behind the Nevender blog, and the first review under the partnership is already available for everyone to read. But wait, once the review is published, we re:publish it here, on our own blog. That is all. Well, for now. Other details shall be discussed once you join the relationship. There is a very short and simple application form, that takes less than two minutes to fill, available here.

We will take on partners on a rolling basis until June 30, 2016 when the call expires or when we run out of advance review copies to share. Please say, Yes? Please? This is fun and we do not want you to miss it.

Go to Straight to the Application Form


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