INTERNSHIP OFFER with the #Writivism2016 Festival Team (CLOSED)

The Centre for African Cultural Excellence is looking for an intern to serve as the Media liaison, communications and editorial assistant starting June 6, 2016, and serving until September 2, 2016. The intern’s work will be facilitated with a modest monthly stipend. If you are interested, email a cover letter and curriculum vitae by attachment to addressed to Mr. Kyomuhendo A Ateenyi latest May 20, 2016.

We are a young ambitious non-conformist literary and creative arts non-profit organisation with big demands on our staff, interns and volunteers and a compensation package that does not match the size of our dreams. Passion is what moves everyone at CACE. Applicants should be motivated by passion for African Literature, arts and culture, and willing to invest in the big dreams of a young organisation, started and led by African youth.

Role: Communications and Editorial Intern

Physical Location: Kampala 

Terms: Full-Time (minimum 20 hours a week)

Reports to: Director (Editorial and Partnerships)


  • We are looking for someone who is interested in building a career as a literature professional.
  • They should have basic knowledge of the work Writivism and other continent-based literary initiatives have been doing.
  • They must have a working knowledge of literary journalism and criticism, especially writing book reviews, writer-interviews, commentaries, list-icles and event reviews among others.
  • They must know how to use social media to build audiences and constantly engage with followers.
  • Basic working knowledge of French is a must-have.

Tasks Description

  • The intern shall develop a social media strategy for the Writivism festival and implement it.
  • The intern shall draft press releases for the various programme activities including literary prizes and the annual festival.
  • The intern shall arrange for media interviews with prize judges, winners, anthology editors and other individuals involved in the Writivism programme.
  • The intern shall coordinate with conventional and social media to ensure a wide coverage of the organisation’s activities.
  • The intern shall be responsible for answering media queries to the organisation.
  • The intern will be primarily responsible for editing the Writivism blog ( The blog covers African literature from a journalistic perspective. The aim is to make it a one-stop centre for news, interviews, reviews,opinions, features, list-icles etc about contemporary African Literature.
  • The intern will proofread and post official announcements about the Writivism programme and write a quarterly round-up articles on literary activities and news.
  • The intern shall work with the Editorial director in implementing the blog’s monthly work plan, by commissioning writers, editing their work, posting and promoting it through the organisation’s social media accounts.
  • The intern shall also transcribe speeches, proofread, and copy-edit projects for a new non-fiction publishing project.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Editorial Director.

If you are interested in the position, email a cover letter and curriculum vitae (in attachment) to addressed to Mr. Kyomuhendo A Ateenyi latest May 20, 2016.

UG Hiphop Archivist
This is Leo. Leo volunteered at the #Writivism2014 festival and contributed heavily towards its success. Be like Leo. Apply to join the #Writivism2016 team today. Photo by UG Hiphop Archivist

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