DEADLINE LOOMS: Why you should submit an entry to the #Writivism2016 Short Story Prize

It is six days to the deadline for the 2016 Writivism Short Story Prize (March 31, 2016). Have you been thinking of submitting but not getting to doing it for one reason or the other? Please submit ASAP. NOW. Because power-cuts have been known to happen at the wrong times, and even extend their stay, until the deadline is gone. Seriously though, this year’s short story prize is special for the following reasons.

  1. The anthology this year will be translated into French and English. Yes, we are taking entries in both French and English. Yours could be one of these. Only long-listed stories will be translated and published.
  2. This means that we have both English-speaking and French-speaking judges. This will keep the focus on the story, does your story shine as beautifully when translated into another language? Sounds like an interesting challenge.
  3. You do not want an opportunity for your story to be read by Tsitsi Dangarembga? Richard Ali A Mutu? Okwiri Oduor? Sumayya Lee and Mamadou Diallo? You know you want it, to be …
  4. Y’know, there is a chance you could be on the shortlist & travel to Kampala for the festival. The shortlisted writers enjoy the festival in a special way compared to the rest of us. They are the stars of the event. Doubt it? Ask the previous fourteen ‘shortlisters’ …
  5. You could win $400 & join Pemi Aguda, Saaleha Idrees Bamjee and Anthea Paelo on our winners list. It is not just about the money. We spend more on air tickets, and other travel costs for the shortlisted, and also give $100 to the shortlisted, it is about the bragging rights.
  6. BEST of Luck.