Writivism Shortlisted Stories Available for Public Voting

As we move towards the climax of the Writivism competition for 2013, we extend our excitement to the readers by opening up the public voting phase of the competition.

The panel of three judges, Zukiswa Wanner (Chair), Ayodelle Morroco-Clarke and Ernest Bazanye announced a shortlist of five stories on Friday 2nd August 2013. From these five stories, the public shall vote the story that engages them most on the themes of Diversity, Equality and Identity. All the fourteen longlisted writers will also vote for their favorite and the judges will also announce their favorite during the Writivism Festival (15-19, August, 2013).

To access the five shortlisted stories for reading and voting, click on the names of the authors below.

Paelo Anthea

Kisakye Paul

Kazibwe Kathryn

Emmeline Bisiikwa

Nassanga Rashidah

These stories will be published by the reputable Munyori Literary Journal among others.

Tell us what you think about the stories. Your vote will decide the winner of the competition.


4 thoughts on “Writivism Shortlisted Stories Available for Public Voting

  1. I liked the topic and the thoughtful way Ms. Paelo treated it which is so rare in Africa unfortunately. I had only seen the topic of homosexuality and its sympathetic treatment by the dead husband’s partner in one other place: an Italian movie where at her husband’s funeral the widow learns of her partner’s other life and of his friends and how she comes to accept them and to be accepted in her grief into their circle of support. Ms. Paelo’s treatment arrives at the level of that beautiful film whose name I have forgotten unfortunately.


  2. I was blown away by the way Anthea Paelo made me fail to decide on who to sympathise with in her story,its a really great piece of work.I wish her all the best.Love is love and culture is culture!


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