Who Are The Male Heroes of Ugandan Literature?

By Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa It must be said that the contemporary age of Ugandan literature is an era of women voices and triumph. Whether in fiction, drama or poetry, Uganda’s most recognisable voices in literature are female. Examples include, Goretti Kyomuhendo, Adong Lucy, Jackee Batanda, Aujo Lillian, Deborah Asiimwe, Beverley Nambozo, Arac de Nyeko, Glaydah … More Who Are The Male Heroes of Ugandan Literature?

I am Also Blue

Someone tell Donald Molosi, he needs a Ugandan name. Perhaps Musisi, like an earthquake -a bold shaker of things. And perhaps this is not too far from the ideals he passes on in the two plays in “We Are All Blue”. He is African, yet he is not just African, he is a citizen of the … More I am Also Blue