Festival Take Five : Shari Hammond

The festival month starts today. This means that we have only 21 days to the seven-day literary and cultural extravaganza in Kampala. In our short Q & As with previous and current staff, we are featuring Shari Hammond, who was the festival coordinator in 2014. She told us a few things about his involvement.
1. What pushed you to get involved in #Writivism 2013 as part of the organising team?
A love for African arts and literature in general and interest in promoting arts to audiences.
2. What fond memories do you have of the festival?
Engaging with the different invited authors. Catching Glimpses of the workshops and welcoming groups of students to the event.
3. Thinking back now, what could you have done better, regarding the plans and execution of #Writivism 2013 festival?
A stronger and clearer delegation of tasks with a run through days before the event. More organisation with people’s contacts and following up with media and better chaperoning of guests.
4. How would you measure the growth of this festival in three years?
It has significantly grown and the media outreach has increased strengthening its regional influence.
5. Are you proud of this baby you nurtured?
We hope to one day welcome Shari back to the festival in whatever capacity. She was central to the success of the 2014 festival, despite working remotely from Paris and traveling to Kampala in the week of the festival itself.