Festival Take Five : Lewis Ainebyona

By Jennifer Chinenye Emelife
It is three weeks to the #Writivism2016 festival. As we look forward to hosting readers, writers, publishers, academics and other players in the literary sector, we present short Q & As with previous and current festival staff. Today’s interview is with Lewis Ainebyona, who was central to the organisation of the 2014 and 2015 festival editions, playing various roles from managing sales, logistics, accounts and overall office management. Lewis was Mr. Writivism and knew everything about the organisation’s day to day operations. We found out what his memories are, and his assessment of the past.
Books on sale at 2014 festival
Lewis (centre) at the 2014 festival with Linda Aloise (right in blue) and Sumayyah Namuwenge (left).

1.‎ What pushed you to get involved in #Writivism 2014 and 2015 as part of the organising team?

Writivism was a great initiative and at that time, I wanted to keep busy in my S.6 vacation. So I decided to volunteer. The fact that it was also dealing with the youth was great as it provided a platform for young writers and helped them nurture their writing talent so I was like, why not offer my services and contribute my ideas to organising the festival.

2. What fond memories do you have of the festival?

Meeting new faces and making great friends from different backgrounds and nationalities with incredible qualifications and capabilities was great.

3. Thinking back now, what could you have done better, regarding the plans and execution of #Writivism 2014 and 2015 festivals?

Advertisement. We should have used media platforms that are common to the public like TV since the masses watch it a lot and maybe newspapers like The New Vision or The Monitor. “Invest big, get big”. It would have targeted a lot of people. Then the location, it is better to have one location within the city centre that is easily accessible with many points of activity so that transport costs and confusion for foreign guests are minimised.

4.      How would you measure the growth of this festival in three years?

Amazing. The numbers of people attending the festival have increased & the book sales have been great as some books sell out every time.

5.      Are you proud of this baby you nurtured?

Sure, I am because Writivism has helped a couple of youth out there who want to publish their stories and exposed them to a wide range of opportunities in the world out there like getting scholarships and participating in bigger writing competitions and prizes.

Lewis Ainebyona and Elizabeth Kitego
Lewis (right) at work at the start of the 2015 festival.

We are grateful to Lewis for all that he offered to the organisation that has greatly contributed to its growth. Join us on Monday August 22 to Sunday August 28, 2016 for the fourth Writivism Festival holding at the Uganda Museum, on Kira Road. Events on Monday to Thursday start at 6pm and on Friday to Sunday start at midday till 10pm.