Bakwa Magazine to publish Writivism stories

Next month, Bakwa Magazine will publish stories (flash fiction) written at our workshops held in French in the Central and West African cities of Dakar, Kinshasa and Abidjan. This collaboration aims at connecting emerging writers to African publishing platforms. The workshops were facilitated by Richard Ali A Mutu, Edwige Dro, Yehni Djidji, Mamadou Diallo and Ayesha Haruna Atta.

Each digital publisher we work with provides an editorial experience to the writer. It is important for writers to work with editors in this process. It builds on the mentoring support we give. A writer is only half-formed without an editor. Work rises to life in the hands of an editor. It lies as a lifeless mass, waiting for the editor to breathe life into it. And the publisher gives it wings.

African digital publishers like Bakwa magazine are a very core pillar to the building of an African literary infrastructure. Writivism is interested in these behind-the-scenes structures that do not come with glamour and pomp. The editors and publishers are the foundation on whose shoulders future super-star writers will sit.

say, Edwige and Bwesigye Bwa Mwesigire, Writivism’s Partnerships Director in an op-ed published by Bakwa Magazine this morning. Read the full essay here.