We are HIRING: Accounts and Editorial Assistants needed (CLOSED)

The Centre for African Cultural Excellence is looking for an Accounts Assistant and an Editorial Assistant to start work on April 18, 2016. If you are interested in any of the two positions, send a cover letter, curriculum vitae and personal statement by attachment to cace.director@gmail.com. addressed to Mr. Kyomuhendo A Ateenyi latest April 11, 2016.

We are a young ambitious non-conformist literary and creative arts non-profit organisation with big demands on our staff and volunteers and a compensation package that does not match the size of our dreams. Passion is what moves everyone at CACE. Applicants should be motivated by passion for African Literature, arts and culture, and willing to invest in the big dreams of a young organisation, started and led by Africa youth.

The job descriptions for the two positions follow.

Role: Accounts Assistant (AA)

Physical Location: Kampala CACE Office

Terms: Part-Time (15 hours a week)

Reports to: Director (Finances and Legal)

The Accounts Assistant is a central figure in the institution and provides a comprehensive service to all staff and partners on financial policies and procedures. The AA’s role is to support CACE’s core activities and be in charge of all financial matters and ensure that the organisation complies with relevant financial laws and regulations, in keeping with its vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Provide leadership in financial planning and budgeting for all projects and activities and carry out monthly reconciliation and management reports against projected budgets

  • Ensure the smooth operation of our financial record keeping using select accounting software, regularly updating and auditing the organisation’s financial records

  • Process monthly expenses and expenditure as per relevant budgets

  • Provide the lead in developing an internal finance manual informing the processes and systems in the administration of funds

  • In partnership with the Sales and Distribution Officer, ensure the smooth issuance of sales invoices, purchase orders and collection of all due balances for Writivism books

  • Establish and maintain internal controls, checks and balances

  • Ensure compliance with all internal and external Financial regulations

  • Ensure timely financial reporting obligations to funding and other relevant partners are fulfilled

  • Advise the Directors on all matters likely to have financial consequences, and promptly supply all information required

  • Any other duty as may be assigned by the Financial Director

Minimum Qualifications and Skills

  • Basic Experience in Financial Planning, Budget Setting and Grant Reporting is crucial
  • Experience in arts events organising and management is an added advantage
  • Demonstrable, high numeric abilities, accuracy and an ability to show great attention to detail
  • Excellent written, oral communication and organisational skills with an added ability to deal with outside agencies in establishing effective working relationships
  • IT proficiency, including use of Excel and other programmes critical to this function

Role: Editorial Assistant (EA)

Physical Location: Online

Terms: Part-Time (10 hours a week)

Reports to: Director (Editorial and Partnerships)

The Editorial Assistant is the most important contact for our increased interest in covering the African literary scene and building an online community around our various activities on the continent. We are in a phase of crossing linguistic, geographical and genre  boundaries and the EA will be central to this process. The EA’s role is to support CACE’s core publishing activities and be in charge of all editorial matters and ensure that the organisation’s publications are of a certain standard in keeping with its vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives.



  • We are looking for someone who has been involved with the African literary scene and is an enthusiast for African Literature.

  • They should be familiar with the work Writivism and other continent-based literary initiatives have been doing.

  • They must have a working knowledge of literary journalism and criticism and a portfolio of published wrok including book reviews, writer-interviews, commentaries, list-icles and event reviews among others.

  • Basic working knowledge of French is a big added advantage.

Tasks Description

  • The Editorial Assistant (EA) will be primarily responsible for editing the Writivism blog (www.writivism.org). The blog covers African literature from a journalistic perspective. The aim is to make it a one-stop centre for news, interviews, reviews,opinions, features, list-icles etc about contemporary African Literature.

  • The EA will proofread and post official announcements about the Writivism programme and write a quarterly round-up articles on literary activities and news.

  • The EA shall oversee the blog’s monthly budget, commission writers, edit their work, post and promote it through the organisation’s social media accounts. All commissions and pitches shall be discussed with the Editorial Director.

  • The EA shall also transcribe speeches, proofread, and copy-edit projects for a new non-fiction publishing project.

  • The EA shall develop a publishing strategy for Writivism’s non fiction publishing stable and implement it.

  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Editorial Director.

If you are interested in any of the above two positions, send a cover letter, curriculum vitae and personal statement by attachment to cace.director@gmail.com. addressed to Mr. Kyomuhendo A Ateenyi latest April 11, 2016.