The January 2014 Poetry Love Featured Poem and Response

The Writivism Poetry Love Featured Poem of the month of January 2014 is “Dance Partner” by Beverley Nambozo and the Featured Reader Response is from Otieno Owino Mikwa.

“I love the rhythm, the beat. And do I read a fast pace? I love the message and the imagery too. And yes it is true the dancer more often than not does not notice. The dance clouds their imagination. Blinds their sight.”

The poem gathered sixteen likes and seven comments from the Writivism Facebook group membership. Read all response to the poem here.

Dance Partner is published in Beverley’s Nambozo’s collection of poems titled, Unjumping, published by erbacce press, UK.

Mikwa will receive a copy of Unjumping and a copy of Picture Frames and other stories, The 2013 Writivism anthology.


To share a poem that speaks to you, paste it on the Writivism group timeline and to stand a chance of winning a book or two books by telling us why and how you relate to the posted poem. We shall select a reader response on a monthly basis, and send them prizes of books (fiction and poetry).

Congratulations to Mikwa from us at CACE.


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