A Daybook of the African Woman’s Narrative

Afriwowri (African women writers) Literary Project Team, in collaboration with Writivism, The Sparkle Writers Hub, The Radioactive Blog and Africa Matters is excited to announce the official release of the anthology ‘The Different Shades of a Feminine Mind’. ‘The different shades of a Feminine Mind’ (A daybook of the African woman’s narrative) is an anthology … More A Daybook of the African Woman’s Narrative

Finding Another Family

by Shelah Owino “I can’t be late!” I muttered to myself as I rushed to the reception of the Ntinda complex thingy. (couldn’t even remember the name) The gentleman there was gracious enough to escort me to the 3rd floor. Innovation village the wall read. Albeit out of breath, I told the receptionist, “I’m here … More Finding Another Family