Rethinking Our Perceived Identity

My rating: 4 of 5 stars The Motswana Playwright/Actor/Writer Donald Molosi has fascinated me for a while now, with his awe-inspiring one-man act. Molosi is so highly acclaimed, I doubt he has any more lapel real-estate to adorn any more accolades, and unsurprisingly, he keeps breaking new ground with his riveting plays. If only he … More Rethinking Our Perceived Identity


Curtain falls

At SunDown, as the Red Sun was calling it a day, the scissor hands of a dying god stretched through the ether to snuff out the light and plunge us into a void of darkness. Resolute. Victorious, the death claws retreated into the otherworld from whence it came, leaving behind a night chill and those unperturbed steadfast black-and-white … More Curtain falls