Welcome to Writivism.

This is a home for emerging contemporary African Literature. When we started (in 2012), we were focused on Uganda. We have since widened our scope to include the entire African continent and the global African diaspora. Here, we will serve you with news, interviews, reviews, features and opinion about African literature.

Offline, we have been running workshops all over the continent (and a mentoring programme), including in French-speaking countries; we at one time ran up to four creative writing prizes – now reduced to two; we publish creative work by emerging African writers in annual anthologies and soon single-author collections, novels, memoirs, etc in collaboration with Black Letter Media; arrange a one-month Writing residency at Stellenbosch University; and curate an annual literary festival in Kampala (and extend activities to schools, hospitals and markets). Visit our festival website, www.writivism.com, our online archive of the network of emerging and established African writers associated with our programme, www.writivism.net, and our organizational home, www.cace-africa.org for more information.

In the meantime, do you want to contribute to this blog? Submission guidelines will be coming soon. Keep checking. You can email us at info@writivism.com / writivismlegacy@gmail.com.